Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day/Night/Weather Cycle

While it was fun to create the day/night/cycle it is not ideal for performance. So it will be set up differently then it was before. So once the level loads up, it will choose from 6 templates of weather/ daytime. This way it will not hinder performance and will still bring the variety to the players to make it feel lively and fresh each time. I will update this more sometime within the week once I get it set up.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Working on weather system for udk.

Havent been posting here lately, but im currently working on a weather system in udk. Udk ships with a day night cycle map which ive been referencing. But it needs more so thats where the weather comes into play. The world will have a day night cycle and randomly have different weather. Currently its just a normal basic weather day, and a rainy day. I plan to have a thunderstorm, windy/gusty day. Maybe ill be able to get a snow day as well but that might take some more work with the landscape.

Its not too much yet but its a good start so heres some screenshots of matinee and kismet. Still working on custom artwork so everything is epics models, which are extremely high poly and polished since they were used for a demo.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Mp_Belltower Complete.

Finished up my gears of war level that ive been working on. Got some other exciting projects ive been working on so ill be working on this right away. So here is the level all completed.  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Been gathering feedback on the map.

Another update, recently I decided to change the architecture of the bridge. The old bridge just didnt feel right to me, and their wouldnt be enough cover for players in that area. So I went through some of the other gears of war maps in the game to reference how they did their bridges and what assets they used. I also continued to work on the contrast of the lighting. With that I ran into an area under each of the main towers that I needed to change. The area under each tower is now a bit more opened up, and players should not get caught up on pillars or walls as easily. Still a ton more lighting work to be done!

Friday, October 5, 2012

New Gears Of War Map Progress (WIP)

Im currently in full swing of making a level in the gears of war editor. I have a bit of experience with unreal engine and udk but dont have anything in the portfolio that im particularly proud of, so im doing portfolio pieces now. As opposed to just learning some things and experimenting with some things. Here are the latest screenshots. Still a work in progress but it should be completed soon and has been coming along nicely.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Swarm Agent Tutorial

Im gonna do a swarm agent tutorial soon. Ive had quite a few pagehits on swarm agent stuff. So expect a short little tutorial on using UDK Swarm Agent soon. Its quite a simple little setup and I dont have any tutorials up yet so ill start by doing this one.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Outdoor Environment And Dev Blogs.

Lately ive been working on the outdoor environment. Specifically the trees, and working within speedtree. Speedtree is a pretty damn awsome program. So for all of the trees in any work going forward they will be done with speedtree. The only issue is the export, with the free version givin with udk you cannot export them in any other format such as a .obj. You need the full license for that unfortunately. Oh well.

Outdoor Environment
A recent thing ive worked on for a bit was adding darkness depth to the forest. I really want the forest to be an area that the player will not want to wander in. Yea sure there is just adding collision so the player "cant" get there but if the player is afraid to in some way that will help with the experience. I dont want the player feeling limited, because then the experience is broken. I will still need to have a limit and put collision in the woods area, but i will have that far enough back where the player will need to wander for a while. And with enemies on the map, it should be difficult. Another thing with the darkness is it allows for cover of the enemies until they are right up on the house or area around it. Glowing eyes and silhouettes will really sell the dark woods if done right. And i got some ideas on how to do that.

Dev Blogs
So recently ive decided to start doing some video dev blogs. These will go through some of the things i did since my last update, as well as some troubles I ran into along the way, and eventually what i plan to do next. Im gonna get these up and running within a week or so. I planned on doing these earlier but some parts of the level are just unacceptable looking currently. I transferred from bsp brush for the rooms to actual static meshes done in 3ds max, but i have lots of holes to cut for windows and doorways. So once that is done and decently fitted i will start doing video logs. So expect that soon.

Wrap Up
All of the screenshots below just show the darkness and the depth for the woods. A few of the pictures have paths for which enemies will spawn and run from. The next update will have holes cut into meshes for windows and doors, this will take a bit of time and is tedious. Not difficult at least. Also with the next update will be some more kismet examples. I want to get the first 10 waves done with some good solid functionality in there. Probably change some things with the waves sequence as well. Some things are no longer necessary and need to be removed.