Thursday, December 8, 2011

Using Object Lists to simplify things.

Here are some screenshots of me using object lists. The object lists are labeled accordingly and each object list contains pathnodes of each area. Then those named object lists are then referenced with named variables in each of the waves.

Wave Structure.

This is how each wave will be setup. Instead of checking the wave number by adding one to the integer value i will instead just set the integer value to the wave number. This way I can still do a check to change events in correspondance to the wave number. The screenshot will show the base structure, as every wave will be scripted and all will be unique. Not just a simple adding more enemies kinda thing. I dislike that.

As you can see all of the 50 waves will be in sequences and remote events will be called to activate each wave. This will help keep things nice and clean.

Side note. Some of the waves have had more work done. If you look under the sequences you can see "Wave 2" has a total of 26 nodes. This is because this wave has some enemies functioning and spawning now.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I got a new way to do the wave system, it will be more effecient.

Instead of doing a check and making sure whether or not the waves number is going up. (Since every wave will be unique and not just a simple add more enemies here). I will be setting the wave number at the beginning of each wave, this will help tidy up all of the kismet and will use up less space, memory etc.

Ill have some screenshots in a day or two to show what I mean.

Sidenote, im currently up to wave 10 on the structure of the waves system. From here it will be smooth sailing, once the structure is set up its a matter of copy and pasting the constant things in each wave. (The wave announcements and timers.)