Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More update screenshots. Built lighting.

     Recently built the lighting using swarm. So here are some more progress pictures.

Main Hall WIP, Textures are not final.
Outside of Mansion textures are not final. WIP

Outdoor path to cabin, WIP textures are not final.

Outdoor path to mansion from cabin, WIP.

Got more of the level blocked out.

     Been working hard on this project lately. Got a lot more done in terms of the level being blocked out. Added some more textures and have been working on materials as well. I also did some simple lighting to add to the feel of the outdoor area of the level.

     Created a few more prefabs as well, one of them being funtional doors. When the player goes up to the door and presses "E" on the keyboard the door opens for them, after 5 seconds the door closes. I need this to work similiar to the doors in left 4 dead where the player can close the door manually as well. But that will be for a little later time. Another prefab i set up was some simple torches, these were already shipped with the udk. But this prefab includes an ambient sound, the static mesh of the torch, and the fire particle system.

     On a side not all of this is a Work In Progress, dont expect these textures to be final in anyway. I know some of them are in areas they dont belong. ;) I shall clean that up once people start playing it to test out the "fun factor"

Swarm Agent Up and running on both my computers.

Worked on reflection and cube mapping on the tile floor. Still might need some adjustment.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Swarm Agent for UDK.

Recently decided to set up and work with the Swarm Agent that comes along with UDK. It was actually very easy to setup and worked flawlessly. So now my lighting builds will finish much much quicker! Now if only I had a render farm like Pixar or Epic Games :P