Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Worked on the main hall. Did proper unwrapping,

 Got around to unwrapping most of the staircase in the main hall, looking better. Still needs to have some texture work done, id like to have a rug going down the stairs and out to the front door or so, so ill be doing that soon. Also since I until recently only had about one light in the main hall I added some more and the lights hanging on the wall now give off light due to lightmass. Boy lightmass is the shit. I still have to tweak some emissive values to those lights to make it a bit more of the way i want it, but thats not till other bigger things are done. In the screenshots below, I show the destructible marble pillars that i worked on. I liked how they turned out, i dont know how i feel about the model of the completely destroyed pillar, I think ill make some changes to that eventually.

WIP - Nice and bright.
WIP - Pillars Before

WIP - Destroyed Pillar

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Working on some destructible assets, and unwrapping models.

 Havent posted on here too lately, but still been working on my UDK project. Ive recently been playing gears of war 3 and saw many destructable environment assets like pillars. So i decided to work with the fracture mesh tool in udk and make some stuff of my own. Destruction is fun! More soon.

As for the unwrapping, ive unwrapped some of the main staircase and am working on that now so i should have a decent looking staircase with a rug soon. Eventually after that ill work on making the walls in 3ds max and cleaning up the edges and move away from the bsp.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Worked on main staircase some more, no texture still. Still in blockout mode.

Did some more work on the main stairs for the main hall and did some work to the stairs leading to the outside door. The screenshots are from in editor view as i do not have time to do a lighting build and have to be somewhere pretty soon. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Been working on assets in 3ds max.

     Havent posted anything too recently. Most of my work now is in 3ds max. Mostly for baseboards and actual proper stairs, railings, and to overall clean up some rough edges. Lately ive been working on the main hall ( the first hall you enter in the building). Ive also done some work to the outside stable to give that more of a horse stable feel.  No screenshots on that however. I havent gotten around to texturing the railings and stairs. That will be one of the last things i do as its still in blockout stage. So all of the textures are just temporary for now. As well as all the models are not absolutely final. The endings of the railings and sidings in particular need to be worked with. But none the less, enjoy! 

WIP Main Hall
WIP Dining Hall

WIP Main Hall

WIP Main Hall 2nd Floor

Friday, September 9, 2011

Export Blockout From UDK And Imported Into 3ds Max

WIP- The Scene right after import from UDK
I recently got the blockout decent enough to where i can start working on stuff in terms of paneling, stairs, windows and doorways. I exported the level as a .obj from UDK. Heres a screenshot.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Terrain Work

Recently i did some terrain work within udk. Now udk has many tools for this including the recently added landscape feature. I decided to stick with the old terrain tool because I will be converting the terrain into a static mesh eventually for memory and performance reasons. I also added a barn-like building to the outside its only a rough blockout though. So heres some screenshots :)
Wip- Front of mansion.

Wip Back Woods of Mansion

Wip Back Woods of Mansion

WIP Front of Mansion