Sunday, February 26, 2012

Made some trees in speedtree.

I decided i wanted to work on the forest more and make that look better. So i opened up speedtree that came with udk and worked on some trees. I wanted them to have a unique different style. Similiar to the trees you see in vast forests where their are only leaves on the top. Then i made some trees that are really distorted and have no leaves on them. Currently im working on adding some fog to give darkness to the forest and give it a real scary depth. Ill get some more screenshots of that when its done or at least some more progress is made.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Been a while.

Still working on the project. Its been a bit slower then id like but im gonna start scripting a little more to make it fun. Did a little over the past weekend, but nothing significant to show or make a post about. I drew a picture of one of the enemies in the game. Just a concept and im not anything special when it comes to drawing. But here it is anyway. I used a free program called "Mypaint" its a really good program for drawing with tablets and i highly recommend it. When it comes to painting and all the brushes it performs much much better then photoshop. If you like drawing get it.